Some Heckin' Lovely People

Working alone sucks, so we teamed up to kick ass together. We prove that distance doesn’t matter when you love what you do, plus we don’t have to share biscuits. Here’s who we are:


Biscuit Factory

Glen Noble

Glen is a rock star turned designer, so you could say he’s exchanged riffs for gifs. Ahem. You can usually find him next to Dexter, his dog sidekick, or inside the biscuit cupboard. He’s the youngest looking old man we know. But we still love him.


Gameboy Girl

Vic Bell

Vic has been a freelance illustrator for six years and has a thing for biscuits and terrible 80’s action movies. She is mummy to the most adorable one year-old on the planet. She draws on him with Sharpies. But we still love her.


Ink Collector

Scott Riley

Scott is a designer and developer who specialises in interface design, React development and inventing new swear words. You may have seen him share his hipster wisdom at a bunch of creative conferences. He won’t shut up about Pokémon. But we still love him.


Pun Queen

Spadge Nunn

Spadge has written words for agencies and startups all over the world. Her book, Braver than Britain Occasionally, was listed in the BookBag top ten self-published books of 2015. She Instagrams everything she eats. But we still love her.


Just Handsome

Greg Christman

Greg is a designer, illustrator, typographer, husband, and dad. For the past decade he’s worked at a bunch of ad agencies in Philadelphia and has worked with a ton of international brands. He’s probably not wearing pants right now. But we still love him.

Jojo HedayaUnroll.Me
I think the greatest thing that they give you, is love and dedication. Their work speaks for itself.

We’re designers, developers, illustrators, copywriters and coders, but we also have pure gold ideas. iPhone games, time-keeping apps, dog-backpacks, too many tshirt slogans to keep track of. One day we’ll be rich, you’d best work with us while we need the money.

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